For those of you who like to learn more about .NET and like to participate in the community, then you need to go to Their motto is that they gie "Stupid Prizes to Smart People". Its pretty cool. You basically get points for participating in the .NET community. Blog entries, speaking, going to user group meetings, posting to forums, etc.

Have fun!
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A nice AJAX Architecture Podcast#
Here is a link to a nice podcast on some design patterns for ajax and some good architecting practices. It is done by Polymorphic Podcast.

Podcast are a great way to get up to speed. Listen in your car or while you are working. I find it better in the car because I can really listen. Kind of distracting while working if you ask me. I just tried it and I think I will wait until i have a half hour drive accross town.

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Ontime 2006 Rocks and is $5 for one more day#
Check this out, you can get this killer bug and feature management software that integrates into visual studio, has a windows version, web version and an api. I already have worked with a company who uses this and it really helps to stay organized. For $5 for 5 users this is a steal since it is normally $495. This is not a joke, they are experimenting with social marketing. They are also donating to the red cross. Really unbelievable. Only until Feb 24, 2006. Check it out here:

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Annoying Style tags when resizing tables#
Does anyone know of a way to turn off the feature in visual studio where it insists on creating stupid style tags everytime i resize a table? It is driving me crazy. I found a simple program that removes them here: but I really would just like to turn this feature off. It is very annoying and I have gone to writing my html by hand and no longer using the design gui for anything. If anybody has a clue on how to turn this off, please comment below.
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Links for Fort Lauderdale Codecamp Sessions#
Here are the links to download the libraries I showed in the demos today.

My Ajax 12


Have fun building ajax applications! Its easier than you think.
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