SubSonic 2.0 officially released#

My favorite ASP.NET code gen framework has just been officially released to its 2.0 version.  It is really more than a code gen tool and provides an excellent framework for getting websites done much quicker.  Really good stuff.  You can check it out here at codeplex.  They have also released Subsonic Tools for Visual Studio which is great for generating dal's outside of you website projects and can be used much easier with Web Application Projects along with WinForm applications.

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New Book - Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX#

For those few that actually subscribe to my blog and were wondering if i fell from the face of the earth, well I did.  I have just returned from planet AJAX and am still having dreams of intellisense for JavaScript.  The lead author is having a hard time deciding on which cover to choose and is wondering what you think over at his blog. :) If you go to that post, it is the only real proof that i have that i have been working on a book with five other AJAX gurus as we think we are.  It also looks like Wally has been working on some other books in his WTF series that i was unaware of.

Writing a bok has been one  of the biggest challenges of my career.  At first I thought, "How hard could this be?"  Well it is very challenging and takes about 2-3 times more work than you would think.  With all the revisions that you must go through and the research into things that you thought you knew, it takes a toll. 

 I must commend my wife for being as patient as she has been with all the late nights i had been wirting.  The first official printed copy will be signed by me and given to her.  Although she will not understand a thing i said in the chapters i wrote, she will at least see that is is real and i wasn't just typing in my MSN instant messenging client.

I will be blogging much more often in the weeks to come.  Hopefully you haven't all deleted your subscription in your RSS reader yet. :)

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